A bridge between the interior and exterior. The atelier proposes an open dialogue. One that is democratic and carefully shaped by the contours of our creative process. The observation of our surroundings, is deduced towards a personal take on singular and versatile silhouettes. The studio’s monochrome backdrop re-directs all our focus towards construction, tactility and textural research. This elaborate process enhances the profound connection between finished garment and wearer. Together they will explore new horizons. Each curious piece is crafted to enhance your individuality. Philosophically understated, we embrace silent empowerment from within. Each collection shapes a window towards the world, open to all that observe before they choose to engage.



ケタ・グットマン   KETA GUTMANE


A brand of conceptual womenswear launched by fashion artist Keta Gutmane in 2013 in Latvia, bridging classic tailoring with urban avant-garde aesthetics. The contemporary monochrome palette airs purist aesthetics and outlines the details. Keta plays with each collection on a visual and more experimental level.

Keta Gutmane uses fashion as medium, as a form of expression. Sheviews an outfit as a multifunctional object, as language that utilizes the most diverse modes of expression and portrays topical issues, feelings and experiences in the guise of a garment. The designer’s activities extend beyond clothing design to fashion short films and fashion art installations.


ラトビアで2013年にファッションアーティスト Keta Gutmane が立ち上げた概念的なレディースウェアのブランド。都市の前衛的な美しさと古典的な仕立てを橋渡ししています。現代のモノクロパレットは、純粋な美学を吹き込み、詳細を概説します。 Ketaは、視覚的で実験的なレベルで各コレクションを演奏します。
Keta Gutmaneはファッションを媒体として、表現の一形態として使用しています。最も多様な表現方法を使用し、衣服の装飾で話題の問題、感情、経験を表現する言語として、衣装を多機能オブジェクトとして捉えています。デザイナーの活動は、衣服のデザインを超えて、ファッションショートフィルムやファッションアートのインスタレーションまで広がっています。


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This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

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